Bank Holday weekend-tastic

What a tip top weekend; and a bank holiday one at that. Ironic then that everyone I know who works in banking was working... Anyway NY buddy Alex (cousin of Sharon Freedman - not Eben) came over from Helsinki where he's working. He's also a mutual friend of my roommate Chris. Which I'm sure most of don't give two shits about so I'll continue...

Since I can't remember what the fuck we did on Friday or Saturday I'll start with Sunday at Clapham Common for the Get loaded in the park '05. The top billing included the Happy Mondays, The Farm, Fatboy Slim and Flowered up. They really should have called it old farts in the park. It was fun but I'm battling with myself not to take the piss. I mean I remember seeing Flowered up at Reading in 1991, pre-fat and balding. And as for Shaun Ryder of the Happy Mondays, blimey I think he thought it was Tuesday. Disturbingly amusing. But it was a fun day and the evening finished off well with new friends Brendan & Vincent et al at this Polish place near the Tube station where Chris skillfully (if not forcibly) manage to get the cute waitress's number. She made the Chocolate cake we ate which made Chris want go to 'her' thighs. Well done fella, I'm sure you and her boyfriend will laugh over it one day.

And today was the infamous Notting Hill Carnival, which is known as one of the biggest street festival in Europe - and most Balkan states as good training for urban warfare. But regardless we decided to leave the flak jackets at home as it was crazy hot. Had a really good time and I made it home safe, although I gave my number to this girl on the Tube which might prove dodgy as she was English.


You know, I think these terrorists are out to get me. I'm beginning to take these attack personally. First living in NY with 9/11 and now this in London. Maybe I should move to France and see what gives. My new apartment's right between King Cross and Euston.

close to the apt is where the Bus exploded on Tavistock Square, I walk through there half the time on the way to work. I walked past there that day, I hung a right turn to go towards Tottenham Court Road instead of continuing that way. I heard the bomb go off, it was fucking loud, it was heard all across London. The area is blocked off with huge white plastic sheets. The bus is still there being examined bit by bit. They're still cleaning the flesh off the buildings in the area and they still haven't recovered all the bodies from the Tube tunnel at Kings Cross yet. God, the thought of it...

What impresses me is that people are perfectly clam and getting on with things. The British stiff upper lip has proved useful. But sadly, we all new this attack was coming and as shocked as we were, we weren't surprised. OK, this ain't 9/11 but the randomness of this attack is what really gets me, they don't care who they kill. Even other Muslims, they just don't care. I think the government should do what the Israelis did and bury the bombers in pig skin. Yeah then we'll see if Allah loves you then you fucking animals.

But thanks to all you NY peeps for e-mailing me to see if I was OK. That was nice, I was almost glad to hear from you. It's a classic hot summer evening outside, I'm going to go meet some friends for a drink, it's those little things that make the difference.


Rug burn

It was a beautiful Bank holiday weekend, all sunny and lush. You know I remember thinking when I came back from NY how green and lush England was. Anyway, I spent the day pottering about in town and bought a rug on the way home. Sea-grass with a rubbery back for grip, nice.

Then I finished the evening off with a bag of coke and a couple of Russian hookers, very nice (and cheap).


So I recently read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. It was OK, but they way it was written kept reminding me of something I'd read before. I couldn't figure out what and then it dawned on me, it's written in the same style as Silver's blog. Again reinforcing my point that our beloved Silver is non other than an autistic boy with advanced epidermal coverage.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was on this 'semi-date' with this girl who's a friend of a friend etc. We're having dinner at this nice bar restaurant place near to where I work. So everything's going fine eventhough the one glass of wine I had went straight to my head and I'm gibbering like a fish. I guess I was too bothered about the date as I wasn't really attracted to her. I mean she's nice but I'm just not really interested. Anyway, I get my wallet out to pick up the check and guess what? My frinkin' bank card is missing. Man that was embarrassing... and she had to pay for the meal. Ouch! I mean I could have been doing anything when I discovered the card gone but no, I had to be on a date...

So I took her for ice cream afterwards as I had enough cash for that, but I spent half the time on the phone to my bank canceling my card. As you can guess there was no second date, ah well, it was a free meal...


A prirate-esque 'jargh, well done me lad' to Silver for getting into Grad school at George Washington in the DC. Well done fella!


I've been out of touch with most you peeps for a while. I'd appologise but I hate the lot of you, you scum sucking Dubiya votin', ground hog molesting buggers. And what is a ground hog really, some sort of gayer, fatter beaver..? What a waste-a fat, gay beaver; especially if it's well trimmed.

Anyway, I've been working hard, and I mean hard. Take last night, we didn't leave the office until 2.30am and I think I've only had about 7 hours of sleep since Saturday as I worked like a slave over the weekend. Talk about making up for the past couple of years of unemployment, I think I've enough credits for the next two years already. Anyway, the point of this blog was to take up exactly this amount of space and to waste your time by reading this meaningless drivel that's about as useful as a Frenchman with laryngitis. Kinda like reading Silver's blog (sorry Silver I had to put the customary insult in there somewhere).


To make a donation to the major charities see the Apple site which has a useful list. There's no point sending clothes or stuff like that, so the best thing to do is to give money to these organizations that know how to handle it. And besides, there's no chance of you getting ripped off by some jerk on the street claiming to be collecting for some relief fund...