Oprahosis + SexandtheCityitus with a mild case of The View

An e-mail from a certain ladyfriend in NYC, 'there was a party in the den under my store today for a 1yr old, so it was really an excuse for the cool parents to drink (a whole case of wine) and I noticed that almost all the fathers were American and the mothers were from someplace else, because they were speaking to there kids in other languages including Japanese (that little girl looked shockingly like bjork) it was like the toddler version of the United Nations but with balloons and cake'.

Which made me want to make the sweeping generalization that American men prefer foreign women because most American women* are a pain in the ass and not worth the hassle of breeding with. And not one of them could give a decent blowjob. But having said that, if I was an American woman why the fuck would I marry an American man**..? But at least American women are hotter than their English counterparts; all that unwaxed pasty whiteness makes me ill urhurhurh...

*Exemptions to Alissa, Nicole and Millie who are breedworthy.
**Exemptions to Silver as he hasn't finished puberty yet.


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